Mihaela Ignat is the founder of GLOBAL TALENT PLACEMENT, a company dedicated to supporting IT companies to save time and money in the recruiting process by having the right EMPLOYEES required by their projects.

Mihaela has a strong background and management experience, she has a Master in Science, with International experience and over 17 years in recruiting and selecting technically qualified candidates from Canada, India and Europe.

More then 10 years she has worked as an IT Professional in Software Quality Assurance for the Telecom industry leaders such as MetaSolv, Nortel Networks and Oracle. She has also worked with several service providers - including British Telecom, Brazil Telecom, Cable & Wireless, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, Sprint, being familiar with the requirements of the big software companies and client's unique corporate culture.

Much of the "people’s" hard and soft skills, ability to recognize people's strengths and weaknesses, have been developed during the years spent in management roles. This experience, along with a varied background, supports the GLOBAL TALENT PLACEMENT`s goals.

Our Philosophy

In today’s specialized economy it is getting more and more challenging to find the RIGHT people for the right position.

The most important aspect of hiring top performers is asking the right interview questions and having a proper evaluating system that uses data gathered during interviews.

We customize the interview questions for each JOB opportunity, considering the JOB requirements, performance expectations and company culture.

Our interview questions get behind the resume and explore the key success factors required by the position. We focus on real-life, job-related experiences, behaviour, knowledge, skills and abilities.

We will find the RIGHT TALENT for you!


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